About the Fleet

Norwegian cruise company Seabourn offers ultra-luxury cruising across their fleet of six small ships. Each vessel, carrying between 200-450 passengers, offers luxurious decor, personalised service, high-quality furnishings and facilities, making it one of the highest rated cruise operators worldwide. 

Due to the small size of their ships, each can reach less accessible, out of the way ports, allowing for a more intimate, off the beaten track experience at many exotic destinations. While children are welcome onboard, facilities cater solely to adult tastes. 

Offering a relaxed, ultra-luxury experience focused on gourmet cuisine and innovative spa and relaxation treatments, cruises with Seabourn are ideally suited to sophisticated, well-travelled couples, mature singles and those new to cruising.

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Unique Features

All-Suite - Each Seabourn ship only offers suite accommodation, rather than staterooms or cabins, designed to provide a home away from home feel

Open Bars - Throughout the fleet, many of the bars are open - saving on signing for each individual drink or using your sea pass

Completely Complimentary Dining - All dining venues, from main to speciality, al fresco to in-suite, operate with no additional cover charges

Outstanding Cuisine - Seabourn is a proud member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomic societies devoted to the art of fine dining. Their range of restaurants and in-suite dining menus each reflect this proud heritage

Spa Villas - Private spa pampering in the most secluded area of each ship. Passengers can relax with personalised spa packages in the comfort and privacy of their own personal hideaway

Seabourn Conversations - Guest speakers, invited to provide insights, expert opinions and 'join the conversation' rather than lecture on a wide range of subjects. Popular topics include The Arts (music, theatre, dance, film, literature and plastic arts), Celebrity (actors, singers and entertainers), Culinary (chefs, winemakers, critics and producers), Culture & Destination (scholars and professors), Current Affairs & History (diplomats, experts and politicians) as well as Science (astronomers, geologists, naturalists and physicists)

Marina Day - Try complimentary watersports from the back of each ship

Mini-Massage - Complimentary poolside mini-massges

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